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​​​STOP Willow Creek Wind Project

Newell, South Dakota  


We are a non-profit, grass roots organization of concerned citizens  whose singular focus is on  protecting our ecosystem, public health, and property values from the devastating effects of a 39,000 acre industrial wind farm.

We will accomplish this by;

*Acting as a unified voice, we are determined to promote the interests and well-being of Newell residents currently impacted by the Willow Creek Wind Project.
*Coordinating activities with those of similar organizations, societies and individuals in South Dakota that have adopted our same goals and mission statement.
*Rendering assistance to all levels of government, the community and stakeholders through educational activities by supplying information collected as a result of extensive research.
*To deliver a better appreciation and understanding of our fragile environment, we aim to effectively promote and share our objectives, through strategic use of  social media such as our website, facebook, email, google+, pinterest and direct mail.
*To further enhance our common cause, through a number of community events, we encourage all concerned citizens to take an active role in preventing the Willow Creek Wind Project.