​Residents near the project Willow Creek Wind Project must  begin resisting due to concerns  about health impacts of noise and low-frequency vibrations from wind turbines, flashing strobe lights changing the night sky, turbine blades killing birds, increased electric rates, grass fires, decreased property values,  and giant structures forever changing the open plateau's landscape.  Please contact your Commissioners.

 The Butte County Commission meets the 1st Tuesday of each month beginning at 9:00 AM and the 3rd Tuesday of the month beginning at 1:00 PM.  If you have an item to bring before the commission, please contact the Commissioner Assistant/Auditor, Elaine Jensen, to request to be on the agenda.

Mr. Cal Geis  - Chairman, District 2, (605) 723-1218
Mr. Kim Kling  - Vice Chairman, District 1, (605) 892-3848
Mr. Stan Harms - District 4 (605 )892-4961
Mr. Frank Walton – District 5 (605) 892-3951
Mr. Kim Richards – District 3 (605) 210-2123

Commissioner Assistant: Elaine Jensen (605) 892-4485

​​​STOP Willow Creek Wind Project

Newell, South Dakota  


Butte County Commission